The following email responses are from shooters who use HBC 155 grain bullets. Including two of Australia's elite Full Bore competitors, Jim Bailey of NWSRA and Geoff Grenfell of VRA.  Both have won numerous Queens medals and continue to represent Australia in International long range shooting competitions.

David, We had a 2 day shoot in Sydney in January in which on day two I had 150.30. 30 Vs from 30 shots, I haven't heard of that before. Not blowing my own trumpet, just letting you know. Apart from Bendigo next month, I'm doing the NQ Queens in May.

Cheers, Jim Bailey


Hi David, I used the HBC 155’s last weekend and won VRA Australian state title.


Score 200.31 (HPS 200)

300 yards 50.8

500 yards 50.8

700 yards 50.6

900 yards 50.9


I now have plenty to keep me going with the last two HBC boxes of 500. I Will be shooting in Adelaide next week which is the last Queens and Australia cup for commonwealth games qualifying.

Regards Geoff Grenfell.



These are the best bullets I have ever used. Perfect design, perfect consistency with a higher BC than all competitors. I have used them to win Gold in the Europeans (Team GB). Bronze in the World Championships 2013 (Team GB). I came 12th in the World Championships individuals (Only 14 points off winning). And, achieved lots more wins in local UK competitions.

Steve Thornton - Great Britain


Hi David,

It ended up a pretty close run finish. I did use the HBC for the Queens. I have used the bergers as well,but I can't see any difference. I did an online interview for sporting shooter mag and gave the HBC a plug in there. Mitchell is doing well, he's only 15, but he's shooting good solid A grade scores. We went to Bisley this year,where he shot as well. It was a great experience for him (and me).

Thanks again.

Regards, Jim Bailey


Hi David

I have not spoken to you for a while however thought I would make contact for a couple of reasons.


Firstly is to let you know that I have been shooting those bullets I got off you last year with some good results. I have been able to get a few groups down either just under or just over the 2" mark at 500M and have shot a range of groups from a touch over 5" at 1000yd. A group shot at our first match this year at 1000yds and it went 6.5" and only because I was too slow to get the group away as the one shot out of group was the last shot and the condition got me :)


As far as the measuring of these projectiles for shooting our BR competitions I could not be happier. I would have to say these are the best bullets I have ever measured and batched for my LR BR shooting. I have only opened one of my boxes and out of 1000yd bullets got the following results:


  • There was only a +/- 2 tenths of a grain spread in weight from 154.8 up to 155.2 which is really good.
  • 80% were only +/- 1 tenth of a grain spread in weight.
  • AOL and only had 0.015" variance which again was very good as I can batch for minimum meplat trim.
  • Base to ogive (once into batches based on weight and AOL) were found to very good as there was only 8% that had a variance of 0.001".
  • Bearing surface again was very good with (once into batches based on weight, AOL and base to ogive) the measurement was found to be exactly the same except for the 8% that had the base to ogive variance also had a bearing surface variance of 0.001" in the same change as the base to ogive variance - what that suggested to me was a very slight variance in point up but to be serious 0.001" is absolutely nothing to be worried about.
  • The final check was for a second point on the point of the bullet at the dimension at dimension 0.240 which again found all bullets in a batch to be exactly the same.


These results on the measurements have me very happy with the consistency of the bullets and effectively I am measuring for the 'dud' bullet which incidentally I have not found yet which gives good confidence in the product. I am continuing testing this year again with them with a new gun and a bit of a new combination. Last year I was shooting them out of a 14 twist barrel at about 3200 fps and finished the year with a 6.5" aggregate. This year I have started to run them in a 13 twist barrel at the same speed. I think with a powder change and a bit more tinkering I will get into a 5" aggregate area with them and that 6.5" group from our first match supports that thought.

Regards Alan


Hi David


I shoot the Optimus HBC 155 grain .308 WIN projectile from a strong military type action and a 26 inch barrel. Loaded quite hot, the design of the Optimus HBC doesn't mean excessive chamber pressures, has only a small rifle bearing surface area and I can get 2940 ft/s from my 26 inch barrel and still be accurate and supersonic at 900m. The ballistics are comparable with almost double-the-price alternatives and I have always had good supply. The HBC presents very consistent out of the box, and in its down-range performance. I believe this is testimonial to coming from a single design factory. I hold the Optimus HBC in very high regard.

Regards Greg Hamilton


Hi at Optimus


I don’t know if you are interested or not but I used your 155 grain bullets at our range yesterday the 23rd November 2013.


Our official season finished for the Winter at the end of October but club members can go to the range throughout the Winter if weather permits and yesterday dawned very quiet and sunny so I took the opportunity of getting up there, which was a great pleasure after the previous two Saturdays being cold and wet and having to attend to the grandchildren's requirements of watching Father Christmas arrive at two local places - I digress though.

The weather was cold, sunny and relatively still, as the attached picture shows. The temperature was 6C.

The rifle used was a Barnard with a 32” Truflite barrel with a twist of 1” in 10”. It has a Robertson stock and a Sightron 8 - 32 target scope and was fired from a front bipod and rear bag.


I fired two groups of 10 rounds at 200 yards. Both groups got me a “possible” on the UK F Class target. The first group scored 50.05 with a group size of 53.2mm (2.09”) after a little bit of clicking on the scope knobs chasing what little wind there was - nevertheless I was fairly happy with this. I left the rifle on the firing point to cool for about an hour and had another go. I fired the two sighters which were out left and from this clicked 1/2 minute right and went for it. The score came in at 50.10 with no sight alterations, just shooting with no wind changes required, the first time on our range that a “full house” has been achieved. The group showed up as 21.8mm (0.86”). Unfortunately I had a spare round in case of problems with ammunition and debated whether to shoot this or not and did eventually. This opened up the group to 22.5mm (0.89”) so there are 11 shots showing on the monitor. The 11th is shown on the third attachment. Unfortunately my camera work missed the first shot taken which was a “V.9”.


I don’t expect that this performance is anything special but it made me happy.


The load was:- HPS-TR case fired three times prior to yesterday. It was neck sized in a Lee collet die. 46.0 grains of TR140 rifle powder distributed in the UK by Commonside Firearms UK and is almost identical in performance to Vihtavouri N140 although does give off more smoke. Primer was a CCI BR2. Bullet was your HBC 155 grain set back .015” off the rifling. I don’t know the muzzle velocity but in comparison with the similar Lapua 155 grain it is probably in the region of 2,950 feet per second. Using the Stoney Point comparator the reading taken was 3.135” to rifling engagement on the ogive from the case base to give the .015” jump. I have never taken an overall cartridge length.


The range is Brockholes near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in England where we have three targets at 200 and 500 yards. Normally the range is a bit of a pig to get very high scores due to wind conditions being tricky and the undulating nature of the ground, especially at 500 yards.

Regards from a happy HBC user. Ken Rathbone - UK





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