WELCOME TO HBC OPTIMUS PROJECTILES. Looking for the edge. Match winning .308 155 grain bullets. As used by precision tactical, F Class and Benchrest shooters worldwide.

Gold Medal Winning Bullets


Total consistency every time...

Bullet Length = 1..220

Meplat = < 0.020

G1 BC = 0.462

G7 BC = 0.236

Boatail = 7%

Overall projectile length – 1.220.

Meplat - < 0.020

Bearing surface length – 0.350


New 155.5gn Pointed Bullets. Due Early 2016

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Optimus HBC Projectiles .308 caliber bullets like no other...



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High Precision Machines

Total Consistency every time

Shipped World Wide

Superior quality every time

G7 BC - 0.236

G1 BC – 0.462

Aggressive Secant Ogive

7 degree angle on the Boat-tail

Overall projectile length – 1.220

Meplat - < 0.020

Bearing surface length – 0.350

Export permits arranged

All freight costs included within Australia

Easy exports worldwide


Fully Experienced in shipping worldwide

Worldwide Shipping


Local and Interstate orders within Australia – for all orders over 5000 freight charges will NOT apply.  For orders under 5000, the road freight charge will be added to the price of the order, payable on collection.


International orders – the export procedure is simple from Australia.


Optimus Projectiles obtains an export permit from the Department of Defence.  For this, the buyer must send a Dealers Licence number; a Purchase Order on a company letterhead and physical address, company postal address and contact details.

Optimus Projectiles packages and crates the order and freights it to the relevant port in Australia for shipping overseas.  This freight cost and all Australia port and handling charges are paid by Optimus Projectiles.

The order is then shipped to the destination port where the buyer must arrange for collection and freight to his business address.  The shipping and in-country freight costs are paid by the importer or buyer.


International Wholesale orders

For discounts on large orders at Factory Prices, contact the Optimus Projectiles office.


HBC Projectiles Mission Statement

To consistently make a perfect projectile in an imperfect world

The superior quality of Optimus Projectiles factory plant and equipment ensures that the final product is of a consistently excellent quality.  In particular, the consistency of the projectile jacket's concentricity is always maintained by the projectile press.  Many precision shooters appear to overlook this vitally important aspect.


The factory at Optimus Projectiles concentrates all its focus and energy on producing ONE product – the Dyer HBC 155 grain projectile.  Unlike the larger ammunition corporations, this business is not constantly changing tooling to accommodate different caliber and weight projectiles and is therefore able to retain exceptional attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.

  • HBC are the preferred supplier with the National Rifle Association of Australia
  • The new Optimus projectile, the 155.5gn .308 is now shipping...
  • Optimus would also like to thank the New Zealand Rifle Association for their continued support…
  • Optimus congratulates the Team Rhino initiative ( Tim Stewart and Linda Gallagher) for their participation at the South African Championships......well done..!  Optimus is a sponsor of this great idea.


Optimus HBC Projectiles

David Gifford. Managing Director

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Australia - (08) 8932 3595.

International - + 61 8 89323595

Mobile - (0061) 0435 086684

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