Total consistency every time...

”We consistently strive to make a Perfect Projectile in an imperfect world…”

Optimus HBC Projectiles .308 calibre bullets like no other...

Bullet Length = 1..220

Meplat = < 0.020

G1 BC = 0.462

G7 BC = 0.236

Boatail = 7%

Overall projectile length – 1.220

Meplat - < 0.020

Bearing surface length – 0.350

Medal Winning

155gn Bullets

The superior quality of Optimus Projectiles factory plant and equipment ensures that the final product is of a consistently excellent quality. In particular, the consistency of the projectile jacket's concentricity is always maintained by the projectile press. Many precision shooters appear to overlook this vitally important aspect. The factory at Optimus Projectiles concentrates all its focus and energy on producing ONE product – the Dyer HBC 155 grain projectile. Unlike the larger ammunition corporations, this business is not constantly changing tooling to accommodate different caliber and weight projectiles and is therefore able to retain exceptional attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.

”What the shooters say...”

Optimus HBC Projectiles

David Gifford. Managing Director

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