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Latest Optimus HBC News;

Nick Abrahall (above) who placed second behind the legendary James Corbett at the New South Wales Queens Medal shooting event.  Queens days 3 900 and 1000 he was placed 1st with a score of 100.10. And overall 2nd in the Queens and 4th in the grand Agg. Nick is a great supporter of the Optimus HBC.

  HBC are very active in support  youngsters into the sport. Such as the South Australian under 25 Team, of which HBC sponsor. HBC are keen to continue to promote the sport amongst youngsters... Chris Tucker with team sponsored shirt. (Above).

Congratulations to Aubrey Sonnenberg who won the 600m gold medal at the ANZAC Day shoot in April this year using our 155 bullets.
Optimus will be signing an exclusive, preferred supplier agreement with the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) which becomes effective on 1st May 2016.  This will be good for both parties in that it secures affordable supply of Optimus products to the Australian market in an arrangement that supports the NRAA but also benefits the Optimus business model.


The new Optimus projectile will become available for sale in May 2016, after it has been tested and approved by the NRAA for use.  The price for this new product will be announced as soon as the above mentioned NRAA contract becomes effective.  A recommended retail price will also be suggested for the NRAA State and Territory branches and clubs.


Optimus would like to congratulate the Du Toit family on their excellent performance at the South African Shooting Championships.  Johan Du Toit is the distributor of Optimus products in South Africa.


Optimus would also like to thank the New Zealand Rifle Association for their continued support for Optimus.  A large order is on its way to the NRANZ this month.


Optimus congratulates the Team Rhino initiative ( Tim Stewart and Linda Gallagher) for their participation at the South African Championships......well done..!  Optimus is a sponsor of this great idea.


Attending Shot Show January 2016 – to collect new tooling for new products (“pointing” of the current HBC) and for other new products (to be announced at a later date). For the next month, once manufacturing, testing and approval has been carried out, availability and prices will be announced.  Also at the Shot Show - meeting of new clients and old customers...

Optimus sponsor the "Optimus Festival of Sydney" event held by the Metropolitan District Rifle Association in Sydney. Click on the photographs. More news and results to follow…


Latest Optimus HBC Sponsorship;

Optimus has also agreed to sponsor a few initiatives in 2016 as follows:

Optimus has agreed to sponsor the South Australian Under 25 Team.


Optimus would like to acknowledge the support of Dave Goodridge and the Bench Rest Shooters of Australia.  They so often lead the way and push the envelope as far as ballistics and performance is concerned and for that, we support and sponsor them at the Southern Cross Championships...


Optimus sponsorship of NSWRA (The New South Wales Rifle Association) of their Queens Medal Shooting Event.


Optimus sponsorship of the Metropolitan District Rifle Association’s “Optimus Festival of Sydney” that will be held on 23rd and 24th January 2016.  Optimus wishes to acknowledge the assistance and support that Aubrey Sonnenberg and Alan Patrick have given Optimus HBC.  Aubrey and others, including Neil MacIntosh have assisted Optimus over the years with comprehensive and scientific product testing in our effort to produce the best possible product.  They and others will be testing the planned “new” Optimus HBC which will weigh 155.5 grains and have a closed meplat (pointed).  This product is planned to enter the market by early 2016.


Optimus has pledged sponsorship and support to “Team Rhino” an organisation founded last year by Linda Gallagher (in Australia and Captain of the Team) and owner Tim Stewart (UK).  Their first tour in 2016 will be to the South African Nationals, 2-9 April 2016.  Their inaugural tour was to “The Emerald Cup” in Ireland in June 2015 – a great success...

Team Rhino is a “by invitation only” F-Class shooting team with the Team Owner is Tim Stewart (TO). It is the brainchild of Tim Stewart and Linda Gallagher (Captain) and we have had phenomenal success in our first tour to the “Emerald Cup” in Ireland during June 2015. This validated the concept outlined below.

The principal aims of Team Rhino are to provide:

(1) Develop individuals, from all over the world to handle the rigors of competing and achieving results at the elite level. They will be exposed team management, leadership, mental, physical, technical and organisational developments;

(2) Whilst competing in Team Rhino they get the best possible chance of maximising the number of medals they can win in shooting events both in the Individual and Team matches;

(3) Development of “pre-elite athletes” by providing opportunities to compete at international events for the purpose of accelerating their personal shooting development and skills to handle the rigors of juggling professional, personal and sporting careers.


Optimus also wishes to acknowledge the support that the New Zealand Team has given it over the past year.  Unfortunately, owing to tightening import controls at the US border on ammunition etc, Optimus’s planned sponsorship for the NZ Team at the World Championships in Camp Perry, USA, did not take place.  The order was held up for months at US Customs.  However, as soon as the new Optimus HBC are in production, the pledged sponsorship will still be sent to them in New Zealand, albeit, not for the World Championships..!


Optimus also wishes to congratulate Greg Hamilton on his win in the Silhouette Sniper International event in 2015.  Optimus are big supporters of Greg and his friends who shoot this new “discipline”...!  We are of the opinion that this form of long range shooting is possibly the way of the future and will be a major attraction for younger long range shooters (much like the increasing popularity of the shorter T20 version of cricket, which is drawing much larger crowds than the classical form of the game...!)


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